Bake It Yourself!

When I first started getting serious about baking and decorating cakes, it was because I didn’t want to pay the prices at the gourmet bakery.  And, let’s be real, the cake at the grocery store really isn’t as good as fresh cake, even if it is good enough.  You are, however, going to feel awesome when people tell you how great your home baked cake is.  Trust me.

While I do sell cakes and other yummy treats to those who ask, I don’t have time to bake  all the time… I have 6 beautiful children who need my devotion as well.  I’m willing to share what I’ve learned so you can have the joy of hearing how much people enjoyed your treats, too.

To get started, I suggest you gather your favorite recipes.  Then, decide what style of cake  you want to make and use all the internet resources you can find to get it right.  One of my goals is to fill this website with helpful hints and tutorials, but that takes time.  Until then,  you might like to use YouTube or join a baking club.  You’ll probably make mistakes, but they might be tasty ones, which everyone loves to eat anyway!

A few good tools really make things easier.  I love my Red Mixer, of course, but I also love using good quality pans.  I recommend Magic Line and Fat Daddios.  I do use Wilton once in awhile, but I think it turns out better in the thicker, professional pans.  You can use what you like, of course!


Happy Baking!

YOU can do it!


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