Hunger Games Party Cake

We are big fans of reading.  One of our favorite book series is The Hunger Games. One of my girls had a party when the movie hit the theaters in March. It was so much fun!

With the release of the DVD tomorrow, I thought I’d post the pics from our party.

If you want to do this start a day or two before your party to let the gumpaste items dry enough.

For the big Mockingjay cake (it was really a big cookie), I printed out an enlarged copy of the image. I cut it out and placed it on rolled out Gum Paste.  (about 1/4″ thick).  Then, I traced it with an exacto-type knife and cut it out.  I pulled off only the extra pieces and let the image sit and dry for about a day.  When it was stiff enough, I spray painted it with food-safe Gold Spray.  Once I had the cookie/cake frosted, I rolled out a big circle of black fondant to place under the Mockingjay.  I made sure the black circle was bigger than the bird image.  Finish it off with orange buttercream with the base of the flames sprayed with red, and the tips sprayed with yellow-food color spray. I used a 1M Wilton tip for the flames.

For the President Snow’s Roses cupcakes, I used Chocolate Buttercream (delish!).  Use this recipe, but don’t add the coffee flavor packet unless you want to.  The roses are Marshmallow Fondant colored red.  You roll out some fondant.  Cut it into 1 by 5 inch strips and roll it into a small rose. (pinch it closed at the bottom as you roll & squeeze off any extra)  I used Wilton leaf cutters for the leaves.  Put a rose on 2 leaves and you are ready to put them on the cupcakes.  You can use any color of roses, since President Snow has a garden full of all kinds of them.

For the disk-shaped bird decorations, I cut gumpaste in circles and let them dry.  I sprayed the gold food-spray on them and let them dry.  To make the bird, I used a rubber stamp I found at Hobby Lobby that was close to what I wanted and used a fine paint brush to fix it up.  I stamped it with black food coloring paste.  (While it is edible, I don’t recommend eating these since the black coloring is so thick that it will make your mouth black all over!)  I used the buttercream icing again on these and sprayed the bottoms red and the tops yellow.

For my Cake recipe, click here.  Use any flavor cake mix in place of the white.

For the Buttercream, click here.

Our other food for the party didn’t make it into photos, but we had various kinds of food mentioned in the book.  Croissants rolled in poppy seeds, basil and goat milk cheese wraps, berries, and a few other things.

For a fun game, we set up an archery target and used toy cross-bows and bow & arrows for some competition & fun.

Let the baking begin!!



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