Over the Hill B&W cake

This black & white treat taught me many lessons! It looks fine here, but by the time it arrived at the party, it had a noticeable slant.

So, the lessons learned for DIY tiered cakes on the move are:

1. Use proper support! I had ordered a Wilton Tailored Tiers Cake Display Set , but it didn’t arrive in time. I used cardboard and sturdy straws, but that wasn’t enough for the 3 layers of mocha ganache-filled & fondant covered tier.

2. When delivering a cake, make sure you have it sitting on a level surface. I didn’t realize it was slanted on the seat. My helpful daughter prevented it from crashing, but she didn’t know how to tilt the box enough to make it better. It’s my fault, not hers. I just wasn’t thinking about that when I should have been.

With that said, the cake should still taste great. I’ll post an easy ganache recipe soon!

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